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    Practical Evangelism

    Forgiveness in Islam + Easter

    In the Easter season, we express our gratitude for Jesus, forgiving us and taking our place in the payment for our sins. Because of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross, we are promised a home in heaven with God and have a relationship with Him eternally.

    Practical Evangelism

    WWJD: How to have healthy boundaries in evangelism

    We are called to love people and invest in them, but even Jesus had boundaries when it came to His friendships and relationships. The term “boundaries” in relationships is a very modern term, but Jesus exercised the idea of boundaries very explicitly in His life.

    Practical Evangelism

    Current Events Guide: May 2023

    In this month’s installment of a Christian’s guide for current events, learn about the current situations in Sudan and Iran, how you can be praying for them, as well as how you can share the love of Christ while talking about them with your Muslim friend.

    Islam Beliefs

    Do you know what Islam teaches about homosexuality?

    As a start, we need to understand what Islam teaches about homosexuality, but we also have to make it clear in our conversations that as Christ followers, we follow Jesus’ teaching. Never forget, the most challenging conversations could have the highest amount of rewards.

    Practical Evangelism

    5 key steps for sharing the gospel with a Muslim in 10 minutes

    In our 22 years in ministry, we’ve discovered over and over again that for believers in the West, the most limiting factor to sharing the gospel is often our lack of confidence! Yes, the Lord is able to use us in any and every situation, but we need to be willing to be used and aware that we can make a lasting impact on those around us.