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    Reaching Muslim women through friendship

    By Call of Love Ministries On March 24, 2022 Category Practical Evangelism

    Muslim women have a strong influence over their homes and their children. They are a cornerstone to raising their children in the Islamic faith and traditions.

    Most Muslim women are conservative in their relationships with other women and usually should ask for their husbands approval before forming close friendships. That's why the Christian woman should be the one to initiate and seek a relationship with the Muslim woman and do it sincerely and with great love.  

    Insight into the Muslim woman’s life

    Muslim girls usually grow up in an environment where they are valued less than their brothers and are often hid from the public eye, especially in strict Islamic countries. When they become wives, they live under the guardianship and authority of their husband. They are usually given the responsibility of all the household work. The Muslim mother often raises her children without help from her husband, especially when the children are under five.
    Muslim women usually have no male friends out of respect for their husband, and are often close with the other women in their family: mothers, sisters, and cousins.

    How to connect with a Muslim woman

    Coworker to coworker:

    If you work with a Muslim woman, ask to have a meal together over lunch (let them choose the restaurant)! Many people in the West are hesitant around Muslims and avoid them out of the fear of offending them.That's why your Muslim friend will be extremely touched if you take this extra time out of your day to check in with them and build a friendship, don’t let your friend become isolated!

    If you work remotely, email or message them regularly to check in on them. Once you have established a good relationship, ask to set up a video call to get to know them more.

    Mom to mom:

    Ask if they would be comfortable to have their kids over for a playdate or meet up at the park! While the children are playing, this is a great opportunity to sit down with the mother and get to know her. If she is not from America, ask her about her country and background to begin building a friendship!

    College students:

    Offer to buy them coffee or lunch on campus or set up a study session if you are in the same class! They may feel like an outcast, especially if they are wearing a hijab. Include her in your life and invite her to spend time with you. Go shopping together or watch a favorite show in the dorms. Anything to let her know that you love her for herself!


    If you have a Muslim neighbor, it is easy for them to keep to themselves. Take them a gift as a sign of hospitality and openness! Culturally, a Muslim from a different country considers you the host since this is “your country” so it’s your responsibility to take the first step and welcome them. Ask if they would like to have dinner with your family and ask about their dietary preferences! This way they will know that you are serious about forming a friendship with them!

    How to Pray for the Muslim women in your life

    When the time is right don’t be afraid to share your beliefs. This is a great way to open up conversations and share your faith with your friend. But do not wait a long time before sharing that you are a true Christ follower and ask her permission to explain what this means.

    As you live out Christ infront of your Muslim friend, remember to ask your Christian friends to pray for her. 

    1. Pray for the Lord to open up her heart to receive unconditional love from Jesus.
    2. Pray that the Lord will work in her home and marriage.
    3. Pray that the Lord will work in her heart to question her religion and beliefs.
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