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    Why is family so important in Islam?

    There is a very explicit expectation that every Muslim should be married to make more Muslims. This is called expanding the “Ummah” of Islam, which is essentially the nation of Islam that includes every Muslim across the world.

    Islam Beliefs

    Did you know Islam teaches about Jesus' second coming?

    Islam dilutes Jesus’ character in the Quran, but Isa is still sinless and a miracle-worker. They believe that Isa is coming back to judge the world, but Islam teaches that Isa’s second coming is going to look very different from what the Bible says.

    Islam Beliefs

    The origin of Islam’s god, Allah

    When we look at the qualities of Islam’s god through the lens of the Quran and through what he tells Muslims, we find out that he is a progressive god – not in the sense of having forward-thinking political ideas, but in the sense of changing his message and values.

    Islam Beliefs

    What do Muslims believe about the afterlife?

    One of the biggest questions that comes up in the topic of religions is asking what happens after we die. Is there a life after death? What does it look like? What someone believes about this question impacts how they live their life and approach God, or the god they believe in.

    Islam Beliefs

    The Truth about Ramadan

    One of the biggest months of the Islamic calendar is coming up – Ramadan. It is a month of fasting (and feasting) so Muslims can draw closer to their Allah, but even more importantly, gain his favor and have their sins erased.

    Islam Beliefs

    Did you know Muslims Have to do these 5 things?

    You’ve probably heard your Muslim friend talk about obeying Allah by following specific practices, such as praying multiple times a day. These practices are called the Five Pillars of Islam – required of every Muslim to complete

    Islam Beliefs

    Islamic Sects: What you need to know

    You’ve probably heard in the news about different Islamic sects around the world. Islam, like any religion, has had its own internal disagreements within its lifetime that caused the formation of sects and sub-sects

    Islam Beliefs

    Who is Allah compared to Yahweh?

    First, God goes by a different name than what the Islamic god goes by. Yahweh is the intimate name of God in the Bible, and was originally only supposed to be uttered by the high priest