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    What should I do when a Muslim moves to my neighborhood?

    By Call of Love Ministries On November 18, 2022 Category Practical Evangelism
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    Muslims continue to move to western countries for a variety of reasons– religious freedom, jobs, refugees from war, or educational opportunities. Once they settle, just like us, job opportunities or community preferences make them move to different towns or cities. Oftentimes, Muslims try to move where there’s an Islamic community and a mosque nearby. 

    If you have a Muslim family move into your neighborhood, what should you, as a Christian, do? Welcome them with open arms. Let them know that they have a neighbor they can call on and trust. Even though our culture has become so isolated in the past few decades, as followers of Christ we should be a constant beacon of light as we love our neighbor as our Master commanded us.

    Ways to make your Muslim neighbor feel welcome

    1. Bring them halal food– Nothing says “Welcome home” like a home-cooked meal. Make sure your Muslim friend knows that you made it halal (learn about that here), examples are a vegetarian casserole, or a fruit and nut basket. Be generous in your portions. A batch of cookies will make them feel welcomed as well. 
    2. Invite them over– Moving is chaotic, tiring, and messy. Sometimes after a day of unpacking you can’t stand to see another box. Give your new neighbors a break and invite them over for coffee or for a meal! 
    3. Take them to a favorite neighborhood park– If you both have kids, this is a great way for your kids to make new friends while you and the parents can chat and get to know each other.
    4. Show them your favorite walking path– It can be hard knowing what to do and where to go in a new place, so show your new neighbors some of the best places to walk and visit around the neighborhood.
    5. Help them with a moving checklist - If they are moving from a different state, help them make a checklist of all the things they must complete: insurance policies and postal office address change, updating their driver’s license, setting up their utility bills, knowing the trash days, etc… Give them some insights into the area, like introducing them to grocery stores that provide good deals in your area.
    6. Check on them– Don’t forget to reconnect with them in a few weeks after the craziness of moving is over. Once they have settled into a new routine, they’ll be more willing to spend time together and get to know you.
    7. Stay connected– Get their contact information and keep in touch! Invite them to neighborhood events  and be there if you see they are in need. Be the hands and feet of Jesus in their life.

    Support tools for you

    If you’re not sure where to begin in building a relationship with your Muslim neighbors, we have some resources to help you get started!

    Check out our blog posts about practical evangelism, specifically Cultivating true friendships with Muslims and Introducing your Muslim friends to the true Jesus. These have been written to give you realistic ways that you can being a witness of the Gospel to your Muslim friend.

    We also have publications written specifically for someone like you. Check them out in our store:

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