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    Practical Summer Outreach For Your Family

    By Samya Johnson On July 15, 2021 Category Practical Evangelism

    You don't need to be a preacher or a theology expert to be an ambassador for Christ this summer.Here are some suggestions on how you can reach Muslims! Take your relationship with the Muslim family on your street to the next level by sharing some of your garden's harvest and hanging out in the warm weather. A grilled meal is one of the Muslims' favorites. An outside grilling time or picnic is a great way for your family to spend time with the Muslim family.

    If you have no Muslims in your neighborhood, drive downtown or go to a Persian or Middle Eastern restaurant. Start conversations with the owner and servers. If you feel like packing your car and driving to a metropolitan city for a long weekend, make sure to take some copies of the Jesus Film and of the New Testament in different languages (Arabic, Farsi, Somali, and Urdu). As you walk the streets, look out for Halal food signs, or Islamic calligraphy. Greet the Muslim locals and introduce yourself. Use islamicfinder.org to find Muslim businesses, grocery stores, restaurants, and mosques in any city in the US and Canada.

    Pray with your family before every venture, and be ready to share your testimony and the eternal hope that you have, then watch the Lord work!

    By His Grace,
    Samya Johnson, Call of Love Ministries - Co-Founder

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