History of Dare to Love Muslims TV Program

With a growing interest and misunderstanding of Islam, Dare to Love provides Christian television with facts found in the Bible and the Quran. Dare to Love (DTL) was launched in September 2012. In November 2015, the name was changed to Dare to Love Muslims to be more specific in order to challenge the church in the west to be more proactive in the face of Islam.Host Samya Johnson grew up in the Middle East and experienced persecution first hand. She has devoted her life to reaching Muslims with the love of Christ with the help of other believers. Samya says, “God intends for us to be proactive with our faith. The Great Commission is a command, not a suggestion. In this country we have the freedom to reach out to our Muslims neighbors, build bridges, and share the blessed hope that only Jesus can give.”

Dare to Love MuslimsPresents the truth about Islam in a friendly, non-threatening style
Highlights the significance of the Great Commission to our Muslim neighbors
Delivers easy to understand Islamic apologetics
Includes interviews, documentaries, testimonies, viewers’ questions, and more

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