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    Our Favorite Stories from the Past 20 Years

    By Call of Love Ministries On December 30, 2021 Category Practical Evangelism
    Arab youth with the Bible verse:

    As we bring 2021 to a close, we look back on the reasons to celebrate everything that God has done, not just in this year, but in Call of Love’s entire lifetime. For those of you who joined us in our mission to bring more Muslims to Christ this year, welcome! We are so incredibly blessed to have you with us, whether it is through interaction on our blog and social media or through praying and supporting the ministry. For those who have been here for years, or even decades, thank you for your faithfulness to the call that God has given all of us.

    We have countless stories we could share of the miraculous and outstanding things that God has done over the past 20 years. We’ve picked some of our favorites to share with you from people involved in every different part of our ministry!

    We are going to share 4 stories, from times of financial want to stories from the front lines:

    • Samya Johnson, COL Co-Founder: The Lord Provides!

    • Sarrah- Secretly Loving Jesus

    • Ahmad- The Islamic Theology Professor Meets Christ

    • Saamer- Risking his Life for the Lord


    Samya Johnson, COL Co-Founder

    The Lord Provides!

    We had a pressing call from the Lord to start a streaming Christian channel in Arabic through YouTube. In the absence of accessible local churches and believers in most Islamic countries, there was a need for a trusted biblical source for young Muslims worldwide who are searching for the true God.

    But God had a bigger vision and purpose. He opened an opportunity to be on a well-known satellite frequency that covers all the countries where over 450 million Arabs live! The kicker was, we HAD to start broadcasting within 2 weeks from finding out about the opportunity so the frequency would not go silent. I can’t even explain how we did it with only 10 staff and just 5 of them knowing Arabic! 

    God provided all the equipment and financial resources together with His perfect timing. It was clear He had entrusted us with something that was so much bigger than what we could possibly imagine.

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    Sarrah - Secretly Loving Jesus

    A daughter of a Muslim religious leader recently chatted with us on our website. She was ready to commit suicide and she asked whether God will forgive her for doing that.

    After two hours of talking with her, she promised not to harm herself. She recognized Jesus as Isa from the Quran who did miracles. We shared with her the gospel message and before she had to quickly close the chat because a family member entered the room, she said she would start talking to Jesus!

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    Ahmad - The Islamic Theology Professor Meets Christ

    An Islamic Theology Professor contacted us. He began to doubt his Muslim faith and after a long search on the Internet and satellite TV stations, he chose to focus on our satellite TV channel. He later told us, “I noticed that you offer pure biblical teaching without any distractions or additions from denominational doctrine. In addition, when I reached out to your contact center, you responded that same day and welcomed me warmly! I felt I found my new family. Please help me study every page of the Bible. I want to spread Christ’s message to all the world!”

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    Saamer - Risking his Life for the Lord

    Saamer almost lost his leg after his brother shot him for converting to Christianity. He found himself living on the streets with his wife and child; he could not work or afford medical treatment to remove the bullet in his leg, which was becoming increasingly infected. We were able to provide money for them to rent a room, buy food and milk and send Saamer directly to a hospital for surgery that was completed successfully.

    It was so sweet to receive a text message from Saamer’s wife telling us that while he was still under anesthesia, he was praising the Lord and speaking the name of Jesus. She actually had to cover his mouth so they would not get in trouble. We are still in touch with Saamer and continue to discipline him.

    As we think of everything that God has done in the past 20 years, it only energizes us to do more in the year to come! If you would like to help us start 2022 off strong, please consider donating. We are hoping to reach more Muslims than ever and see more of them come to know Christ!


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