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    Giving Tuesday 2022

    By Call of Love Ministries On November 23, 2022 Category Practical Evangelism

    Are you ready to put the Gospel in the hands of a Muslim? YES


    About Call of Love Ministries

    We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a passion for sharing the love of Christ with Muslims. Everything we do is funded by the generosity of people like you!

    Because less than 10% of our received donations go towards overhead expenses, you can be confident that your donation helps spread the Gospel to Muslims like Shani:

    Shani's Story

    Shani grew up in a devout Muslim family in Egypt. She was married off to a horribly abusive and rich Muslim man. After having two children with him, Shani was able to get a divorce from him and moved to a different city to protect herself and her children from him. In this new city Shani met a Christian co-worker, and after many conversations with this new friend, Shani accepted Christ as her Savior!


    Shani was overflowing with the joy of the Lord, and the change within her was obvious to her friends and family. When they found out about her conversion, her friends and family began to attack her and beat her.


    Shani found our ministry online and reached out for support. Through the generosity of our partners, we were able to cover her daily expenses and medical needs for her children! Shani and her family have found an underground church that is their safehaven and allows them to grow in relationship with Christ. She told us, “Christ has never left my side, and I pray that one day I can share His love with my family.”

    To begin funding the worldwide expansion of our Lord’s kingdom, head over to our
    donation page! Recurring donations keep our ministry going strong, and you even have the option to choose a cause that is close to your heart, such as supporting our satellite TV station or investing in Muslim-background believers through an online church.


    Almost 80% of Muslims have not heard the Gospel.

    There are over 5,000 mosques in the US.

    Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is a Muslim.

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