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    How to reach a Christian friend who is dating a Muslim

    By Call of Love Ministries On August 18, 2022 Category Practical Evangelism

    What do you do if a friend has an emotional connection with a Muslim? We’re not talking about a friendship with a Muslim, we are talking about a romantic relationship with a Muslim partner.

    Your friend is a Christian, and you know that they value having God at the center of their life. So what do you do?

    First, is interfaith dating wrong?

    What you do will largely be determined by your answer to this question: is interfaith dating wrong?

    Here’s our answer:

    If your friend is dating a Muslim, they need to be reminded that it will either end in heartbreak or it will lead to them turning away from the Lord's teaching in order to stay in this relationship. This will create lots of complications and disappointments for them in the long run.

    For one, your friend will be in an unequally yoked relationship. This phrase is used a lot when it comes to Christian dating, and it comes from 2 Corinthians 6:14-16. Paul is telling the reader that they should not be bound with a nonbeliever because the two people will be serving different things. Similarly to this, it is important for your friend to recognize that their Muslim partner cannot love them like Christ because they do not have the love of Christ personally within their heart!

    Ask them about their relationship

    Don’t approach your friend with accusations, but express your concern for them by asking questions. This will show that you are not judging them, instead you truly just want the best for them! Ask them questions such as:

    • How will family work? How will you raise your kids when you do not share the same faith?
    • How much do you know about Islam and what it teaches about marriage?
    • How do you know that their family will accept you unless you are a Muslim?

    You can also remind your friend about the biblical standard for marriage. Husbands are supposed to lead their wives and wives are supposed to respect them in a relationship that mirrors Christ’s relationship with the church.

    • How will your spouse reflect Christ’s love to you when they do not know Christ?
    • What do you want your marriage to look like when it comes to the Bible’s expectations?

    Offer advice

    Eventually, you may need to use tough love to protect your friend. They won’t like what you have to say, but you need to say something to look out for them and protect their heart. If you notice they are beginning to isolate themselves from their Christian friends, this is a bad sign, and they may need you to step in and check on them as soon as possible.

    Surround your friend with Christian community. If you have common Christian friends, message them and ask them to check in on your struggling friend. Ask them to attend a Bible study or church group with you so that they can begin spending more time with people who share the same values again.

    Help your friend put God first 

    But above all, find out where your friend is spiritually. Are they truly born again? Do they put the Lord first in their life? Help them grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus, because then the Holy Spirit within them will direct and teach and reproach. Encourage them to sacrifice and leave the one they love for Jesus, and remind them of the Lord's promises that He blesses those who forsake anything or anyone for His name.  

    There is a chance that your friend will be mad at you and distance themselves from you for what you have to say about their relationship, but it is better to try to protect your friend than to sit by and do nothing. Speak the truth in love and cover your friend in prayer.

    Prayer for the friend who is dating a Muslim

    Dear Lord, I lift up my friend to you right now. I pray that you intervene in their life and remove anything that is going against you and pulling them away from you. I pray that their Muslim partner could learn the truth about You and your love.  I ask that you please also protect my friend from harm and give me the right words when I talk to my friend so that they know it is from a place of love and obedience to You, not condemnation. Amen.

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