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    Wondering what to get your Muslim friend for Christmas? Here’s a guide

    By Call of Love Ministries On December 07, 2023 Category Practical Evangelism
    Christmas gifts for Muslim, what to get Muslim for Christmas

    As the holiday season is now upon us, it brings a special opportunity for you to share the love of Christ with your Muslim friend! When you start writing your Christmas gift list, include your Muslim friend.

    Sometimes deciding what to get someone for Christmas can be confusing. If you’re worried about what to get your Muslim friend, we’ve got the perfect gift guide for you!

    It is a general rule in evangelizing to Muslims that men should form relationships with men and women should form relationships with women to respect your Muslim friend’s comfort level! The same is true with finding your friend a gift– men give gifts to men and women give gifts to women.

    “A generous person will prosper;
    whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”
    Proverbs 11:25

    For the Muslim man…

    1. Muslim men are expected to be the strong breadwinners of their family, to care for them and provide. Does your Muslim friend have a favorite way of doing this, like grilling or doing handywork? Get him supplies for his interests such as a new grilling set or tools to add to his collection.

    2. Sometimes the best kind of gift we can give our friends is not a physical thing, but an experience! Find a fun spot to get your Muslim friend a gift card to, like a local driving range, pickleball courts, or arcade. Then you can go with them and have fun!

    3. Who says men can’t have a relaxing spa night? No, you don’t have to go to a spa together, but if you find a fresh soap or shaving kit that your friend would like, this makes a great gift for a friend whom you have a close relationship with.

    Gift ideas for male Muslim friend, what to get your Muslim guy friend

    For the Muslim woman…

    1. Help your Muslim friend enjoy the holidays and relax with a fun candle! Find them a fun scented candle so she can think of you every time she uses it; and you can include a card with a prayer for them to feel peace.

    2. Does your friend have a favorite store to shop at that you know of? You can give her a gift card, or better yet, that piece she’s been eyeing recently. If you ask her where she likes to shop, you may be surprised to find out that you shop there too!

    3. For the friend that is introspective or very expressive, find her a beautiful journal! You can get her one with a beautiful mosaic design (because Islam has strict rules about art), and write a sweet note in the cover of it.

    What to get a Muslim woman for Christmas, Christmas gift ideas for a Muslim woman

    For the Muslim college student…

    1. Nothing keeps a college student happy quite like coffee! Give your friend a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or gift them beans to brew at home. You could even invite them out for a casual catch-up over coffee and cover their drink.

    2. A practical gift for any college student is a battery pack they can keep with them to recharge their phone. Give your Muslim friend one that you know will perform well so they can rely on it during their day of classes.

    3. Give your friend a gift card to their favorite restaurant to make their day! Or make their gift a night out together, taking them to their favorite dinner place and then out for dessert will be the perfect opportunity to make memories and talk.

    Christmas gift ideas for Muslim college student, what to get a Muslim student for Christmas

    For the Muslim family…

    1. Do you know your Muslim friends’ favorite restaurant? Why not gift dinner for the whole family with a gift card? It’ll take the pressure off of the parents to make dinner and the kids will get to enjoy it.

    2. If you have a board game that you and your family love to play, get it for your Muslim friends and teach them how to play! This makes a fun memory, and it can become a tradition.

    3. Handy in the kitchen? Bake your Muslim neighbors a halal-friendly treat and take it over with your whole family! To add some extra Christmas cheer, include handmade notes from each family member.

    Christmas gift ideas for Muslim family, what to get a Muslim neighbor for Christmas

    For the Muslim friend seeking Christ

    If you and your Muslim friend have been having conversations about faith and you can tell that they are curious and open to learning about Christ, this is a great opportunity to get them a gift that is going to help them on their journey. You could give them their first Bible, or instead of the whole Bible you could get them the Gospel of John to start with. We have found this book to be very influential in helping those who are searching for the Truth.

    We also have books on our online store that are great resources to give your Muslim friend who is questioning their faith:

    Go to calloflove.org/store to gift these today

    Prayer for finding the right gift for your Muslim friend for Christmas

    Dear Lord, please help me be a presence of light and love in my Muslim friend’s life this Christmas. Give me wisdom in finding the right gift for them, and let it be a way for them to feel loved. Amen.

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