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    Pray with Us: China

    By Call of Love Ministries On May 02, 2022 Category Practical Evangelism

    This month we are praying for China; there are many internal and external conflicts going on that impact its people and the spread of the Gospel. Looking at the current events in China, there is already a long list of things to pray for, but we can also look at the day-to-day life for believers in China, and pray even more.

    Current Events in China:

    The possible takeover of Taiwan

    In the same way that Russia is trying to invade Ukraine because they believe Ukraine belongs to Russia, China believes that Taiwan belongs to them. We need to pray for protection of the Chinese and Taiwanese people and for peace in that region.

    The attacks on Uyghur Muslims

    In December 2021, the US government passed a law that bans companies buying goods made in the Xinjiang region of China (source). The Xinjiang region is made up mostly by Uyghurs, the largest minority group in China, with their origin in Turkey. China has built internment camps, forcing the Uyghur population into labor such as picking cotton. The Chinese government says these allegations are false and that they are just trying to re-educate the Uyghur population, whose main religion is Islam, to prevent Islamic extremism and violence.

    Those who have escaped the internment camps tell of extreme mental, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of the Chinese government. We must pray for more intervention for the Xinjiang region. The Church needs to come to the aid of the oppressed regardless of their religion. We pray that those who are escaping can find healing and love through Jesus.

    Persecution of Christians

    China is 17th on the Open Doors World Watch List for persecution of Christians. There are two big threats for Christians in China:

    1. Intense government surveillance of churches and pastors. Pastors are abducted and then found months later being “re-educated” under house arrest.
    2. Personal persecution from family members or their community. Converts to Christianity from Islam or Buddhism are under the most persecution, because they are targeted by both the governement and their family and friends.

    Religion in China (Council on Foreign Relations)

    There are about 22 million Muslims in China. Islam is one of the officially recognised religions in China: Islam, Buddhism, Daoism, Catholicism, and Protestantism. However, while these beliefs are permitted, the actual practicing of religion is highly monitored by the Chinese government and restricted. In fact, China has one of the highest numbers of religious prisoners, and most of them are imprisoned unfairly and abused.

    The World Religion Database says that 7.4% of China’s population is Christian, while only 1.8% of the population is Muslim as of 2020.

    Praying for China

    Let’s remember to pray:

    1. For the safety of Christians, pastors, and new believers from government and social persecution.
    2. For the Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region to be protected from the Chinese government.
    3. That all non-believers in China would be reached with the Gospel and come to know the love of Christ.
    4. That peace can be reached between Taiwan and China without an invasion or war.
    5. For missionaries and evangelists in China to be given new energy and zeal in spreading the Good News of Christ.
    Current events in China Uyghur Muslims Taiwan and China praying for China

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