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    Islam Beliefs

    Who is Allah compared to Yahweh?

    First, God goes by a different name than what the Islamic god goes by. Yahweh is the intimate name of God in the Bible, and was originally only supposed to be uttered by the high priest

    Islam Beliefs

    The origin of Islam’s god, Allah

    When we look at the qualities of Islam’s god through the lens of the Quran and through what he tells Muslims, we find out that he is a progressive god – not in the sense of having forward-thinking political ideas, but in the sense of changing his message and values.

    Islam Beliefs

    The history of Islam: What happened after Muhammad died?

    You may think that because this was 1700 years ago, Islam’s origins are not important for modern-day Christians to understand. However, learning about the history of Islam gives us insight into the life and teachings of its founder and how this impacts Muslims today.