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    Islam Beliefs

    Who is Allah compared to Yahweh?

    First, God goes by a different name than what the Islamic god goes by. Yahweh is the intimate name of God in the Bible, and was originally only supposed to be uttered by the high priest

    Practical Evangelism

    WWJD: How to have healthy boundaries in evangelism

    We are called to love people and invest in them, but even Jesus had boundaries when it came to His friendships and relationships. The term “boundaries” in relationships is a very modern term, but Jesus exercised the idea of boundaries very explicitly in His life.

    Islam Beliefs

    Did you know Islam teaches about Jesus' second coming?

    Islam dilutes Jesus’ character in the Quran, but Isa is still sinless and a miracle-worker. They believe that Isa is coming back to judge the world, but Islam teaches that Isa’s second coming is going to look very different from what the Bible says.

    Practical Evangelism

    Do not defend Christianity

    As followers of Jesus, we are often passionate about the truth (as we should be) and we are passionate about telling others the truth, which is something that we have been called to do! One thing we have not been called to do? Argue.

    Islam Beliefs

    What Christians need to know about Islamic fasting

    Today we are focusing on the different approaches to fasting, the what, how, and why in both the Quran and the Bible. This way you can learn what your Muslim friend believes, compare it to what the Bible says, and figure out how to talk about fasting with them!