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    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us

    You’ve probably heard a lot about Afghanistan last year, especially after the Taliban takeover in September 2021 and the withdrawal of American troops. That is why they are our first country in our “Pray With Us” series!

    Islam Beliefs

    Islamic Sects: What you need to know

    You’ve probably heard in the news about different Islamic sects around the world. Islam, like any religion, has had its own internal disagreements within its lifetime that caused the formation of sects and sub-sects

    Practical Evangelism

    The Hidden Influence of Islam

    Islam is more than a religion – it also shapes an individual’s and society’s culture. Halfway through Muhammad’s life, Islam spread through conquering other nations and people groups

    Islam Beliefs

    What do Muslims believe about the afterlife?

    One of the biggest questions that comes up in the topic of religions is asking what happens after we die. Is there a life after death? What does it look like? What someone believes about this question impacts how they live their life and approach God, or the god they believe in.

    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us: Sudan

    Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world. With a population that is mostly Sunni Muslim and only 2% Christian, we need to pray for the growth of the Church and the spread of the Gospel.

    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us: Libya

    Libya is an Islamic country, with only a small percentage of the population being Christians, all of whom have to live out their faith in secret. Christians are constantly under pressure, never knowing if they will be found out.