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    Islam Beliefs

    Islamic Sects: What you need to know

    You’ve probably heard in the news about different Islamic sects around the world. Islam, like any religion, has had its own internal disagreements within its lifetime that caused the formation of sects and sub-sects

    Islam Beliefs

    The origin of Islam’s god, Allah

    When we look at the qualities of Islam’s god through the lens of the Quran and through what he tells Muslims, we find out that he is a progressive god – not in the sense of having forward-thinking political ideas, but in the sense of changing his message and values.

    Islam Beliefs

    Did you know Islam teaches about Jesus' second coming?

    Islam dilutes Jesus’ character in the Quran, but Isa is still sinless and a miracle-worker. They believe that Isa is coming back to judge the world, but Islam teaches that Isa’s second coming is going to look very different from what the Bible says.

    Islam Beliefs

    What Christians need to know about Islamic fasting

    Today we are focusing on the different approaches to fasting, the what, how, and why in both the Quran and the Bible. This way you can learn what your Muslim friend believes, compare it to what the Bible says, and figure out how to talk about fasting with them!