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    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us: Afghanistan

    You’ve probably heard a lot about Afghanistan last year, especially after the Taliban takeover in September 2021 and the withdrawal of American troops. That is why they are our first country in our “Pray With Us” series!

    Islam Beliefs

    Did you know Muslims Have to do these 5 things?

    You’ve probably heard your Muslim friend talk about obeying Allah by following specific practices, such as praying multiple times a day. These practices are called the Five Pillars of Islam – required of every Muslim to complete

    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us: China

    This month we are praying for China; there are many internal and external conflicts going on that impact its people and the spread of the Gospel. Looking at the current events in China, there is already a long list of things to pray for

    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us: Somalia

    Somalia is an Islamic country on the horn of Africa. Even though there are over 14 million people living in Somalia, the Christian population is only in the hundreds according to Open Doors.

    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us: Libya

    Libya is an Islamic country, with only a small percentage of the population being Christians, all of whom have to live out their faith in secret. Christians are constantly under pressure, never knowing if they will be found out.

    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us: Iran

    After a young woman died in Iranian police custody after being arrested for improperly wearing a hijab, protests began in Iran’s major cities and have since spread around the world. Right now, the Church around the world needs to be praying for the Iranian people.