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    Practical Evangelism

    Islamic Words You Should Know

    In the same way that Christianity has its own vocabulary (also jokingly called “Christianese”) Islam has words that those outside of Islam won’t understand. We’ve compiled a quick list of these words to help you.

    Practical Evangelism

    Pray with Us: Turkey

    While Turkey is not politically affiliated with Islam, the cultural presence of Islam is overwhelming. There are no laws against converting to Christianity, but any Muslim who leaves Islam is punished and isolated from their friends and family. Socially and culturally, Turkey is shut off from the Gospel.

    Practical Evangelism

    Do not defend Christianity

    As followers of Jesus, we are often passionate about the truth (as we should be) and we are passionate about telling others the truth, which is something that we have been called to do! One thing we have not been called to do? Argue.